How did I get here


I first discovered my passion for photography and film at the age of 12, when my grandfather bought me my first camera – a Nikon D200. I began by photographing my sisters and later, when enrolling in Yeshiva in the Galilee, turned my focus toward the beautiful, mountainous landscapes of Israel’s North. I then joined the IDF as an operational photographer and videographer, where I captured the army’s operations and people under diverse and extreme circumstances, allowing me to develop my skill set and familiarize myself with sophisticated equipment. 


Following my release, I launched my own photography and film business. Over the last years I was fortunate enough to pursue my passion and expand into the professional industry, shooting commercials, promotional videos, documentaries, music clips, and more. I constantly broaden my portfolio, have worked  on wide-ranging projects with  both private and institutional clients from Israel and abroad, and with my team of talented freelancers I pursue the realization of their visions, only resting when I have met every expectation.


My services include the entire production process, from scripting to shooting and editing the material, and with hard work and perseverance I can ensure the successful outcome and relish when I see my clients’ happy faces.